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Legislative Update (7/19/2018)

HOUSINGCOMMITTEE (Update) Legislative Updates: Bill 58 (2017) enacted 4/3/2018 as Ord 18-10; establishes an islandwide affordable (inclusionary) housing requirement: "New construction of ten or more for-sale dwelling units developed under a single or unified project concept, on one or more zoning lots;" or any subdivision creating ten or more lots for residential use; or conversion of existing structures into ten or more for-sale dwellings... will be subject to the Affordable Housing Requirement. Fee in-lieu is not an option. Areas within the TOD zone seeking height/density bonuses are required to provide higher proportions of affordable units. Although these Affordable Housing Requirements are in effect (as of 4/3/2018), DPP has yet to issue Administrative Rules detailing how the ordinance will be applied. Architects involved with new residential development should study the new Affordable Housing Requirements, which according to one study, would apply to nearly all new apart…

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