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How Big is a Monster Home?

How big is a Monster Home and what's the average size of a typical new single-family dwelling in Honolulu? To help answer this question, this post did some quick number crunching ( and finds that the median size of the 12,617 newly built single-family homes built between 2005 to mid 2017, is 2,344 sq ft
To conduct this analysis, a representative sample of 25 homes were randomly selected from the entire list of 12,617 homes. Of the 25 homes studied, the largest was a 7,211 sq ft home in Kahala and the smallest was a 1,462 sq ft home in Waianae. Of these homes, 18 of 25 contained floor areas between 1,462 to 2,862 sq ft -- see histogram chart.  
Floor area is only a starting point for further discussion and should not be taken as a definitive. For example, depending on the City Plans Examiner and Architect, carports and garages can be included or excluded from total floor area calculations. Other factors such as total lot coverage and open space provided affect th…

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